Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gas Cake for Jay-Walking Astroid Belt Makers

Gas Cake for Jay-Walking Astroid Belt Makers rips a whole new set of realities because we can't help it. Recorded in two sessions at Tim's - the first on Halloween to use as soundbacking for my Zanstones show that evening, and December 2nd. The fourth track features guest vocals by Rinus & MinĂ³y.


Out of the cold winter in 2003 comes a spirited number Perimeter featuring excellent contributions of my Swedish comrade Zwarre.


Asunder comes from the summer of 2002 with mixes of rare t.ruth sessions and some Natural History Museum of Sound curios.


From the fall of 2001 is an imaginative work combining both ancient and recent recordings, and this work is called Ponder.


115 comes from our reunion on the fourteenth of April 2001. This work takes you many varied places with electronic and acoustic voice fixes.


Asa Nisi Masa - Wonder is one of the earliest and most influential post 500 ZH27 tape. A wonder mix, a voyage, a journey, lots of interesting changes in spirit, pace, focus and propulsion. Recorded with Tim Ruth [ky] in the summer of 1997, this is one of the finer ZH27 releases. Also featuring R.E. Bareaux [ky].

Please check out Buddy if you like our music go to the vet - Apposite ritual performed in verb apparel and Shrewd novitiates should be the clerks of our experience which have recordings of Asa Nisi Masa featuring Chris Mathews. These never became an ANM release, but they were used as source material for other mixes in 2004.